Why Some Talented People Fail in Life.


We ‘ve all seen them and perhaps have had them as friends, close family relatives, classmates or as people we admired from afar.

Everything seems to be going on well for them, they are considered the next big thing to happen.

They look the part and many believe in them, but yet we wait, and wait and their success never happens. The fact that you’re talented doesn’t mean you’ll find life easy, and your success is automatic.

To transit from a great talent to a great success requires a lot of work and great effort. Most talented people don’t ever reach their destination of success because of the following;

Distractions: Being talented doesn’t cushion you from the many distractions surrounding us.

Often times we become more concerned about how others are succeeding especially those we think have talents as ours that, we end up distracting ourselves. One of the greatest source of distractions is comparison.

Comparing oneself with others will only occupy you to pursue the goals of others. Because, you’ll always be working on how to beat them, other than focusing on your own vision and exploring your own uniqueness. Comparison is the high road to mediocrity.

We have to fully understand that no one can be like us, and it’s by pursuing our own visions that we will birth our uniqueness.

We’ve got to have unwavering focus on our own goals and resist the temptation of comparing ourselves to others.

Fear: Fear is in the human nature. The fear of failure, fear of rejection and fear of being uncomfortable.

In as much as its normal to have these fears we must rise above our fears and execute our ideas.

As Robert F. Kennedy rightly said “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”

Take the first step towards achieving your goals even if there is no guarantee of success because in the process you’ll become a better person .

It is only by trying that you increase your chance of succeeding.

Blame Outer Conditions: Most people rarely consider themselves a contributing factor to their own failures.

But would always point fingers at others, the environment, and the government for their shortcomings.

And even if we ever do admit our own part, we mostly consider ourselves last. You ought to accept full responsibility of your own life, because no one is more responsible for your success than yourself.

Instead of complaining of how unfavourable your situation, rather focus on how you can  be resourceful. To be a success, you ought be  resourceful. Being resourceful enough to work with whatever resources and opportunities we have to become the success we desire to be.

We have to be resourceful to the extent that even if the environment is not conducive and supportive, we draw out strength from within to keep going.

Quit blaming others and how the the odds are against us, instead focus on how to transform and leverage on the resources we have at our disposal to become the success we have been created to be.

Lack of Humility: This may seem unpopular, but lack of humility has seen the down fall of many great talents.

No one gets to the top alone, so even if you are very talented you should be humble.

As scientific research has shown that, humble people are most likely high performers and many even consider it as vital to achieving success.

Being humble has great pros. It helps to realistically asses your strengths and weakness and how to improve yourself.

Being humble makes people willing to help you on your journey of success.

Lack of Persistence: Most talented people have the erroneous idea that they’ll succeed after just one or two tries.

Hence when things don’t go as they planned and expected, they give up.

Giving up saves you a lot of trouble, heartbreaks and hard-work, but it also takes away your chance of succeeding.

Don’t give up until the goal you planned to achieve is realised. As the saying Thomas Edison clearly articulated “most of life’s failures are people who did not realise how close they were to success before they gave.

When you complement you talents with focus, resourcefulness, humility and persistence  there is no telling how far you can go in life.  


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