About us



Here at Limitless Motivation, we believe that when we see the light (truth) it is our responsibility as a people to make others see it too. 

Having been in the school system for a very long time, (a Bachelor’s degree and a double Masters in Economics) I have identified some lapses in our school curriculum, which I am sure many of you have not missed it either.  

I noticed that skill sets that are very essential for real-life success have been neglected. Like character building, financial literacy, and how to navigate hardship among other things. 

In this spirit, Limitless motivation seeks to tackle some of these issues through it’s to top-notch contents.

We aim to thought-provokingly challenge people:

  1. To become the truest and fullest versions of themselves.  
  2. To work towards financial freedom
  3. To be in service to humanity

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