Joshua Opoku Agyemang- One of Ghana’s Fast Rising Tech-Prodigy.

Joshua Opoku Agyemang is a Ghanaian Techpreneur who is obsessed with changing the world and making it a better place for everyone through his technological prowess. Josh is the Co-founder and CEO of Pesonet a tech company he started at the age of 19 and has grown it into a million dollar start-up in 7yrs.

Pesonet is a start-up that provides Innovative solutions for businesses. Their main services are Software Development, Networking, IoT & Robotics and Consultancy. Currently Products on the market includes Brokerage Software, Fund Management, Point of Sale Software among others. Pesonet has worked for companies in Banking, Education, Commerce, Government, Healthcare, Construction and other Sectors.

Josh loves solving complex problems creatively, and is also enthusiastic about disruptive innovations, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership and building things from nothing.

Something he demonstrated recently in the fight against Covid-19. Josh together with his team invented a smart veronica bucket (contactless washing tap) the bucket uses a sensor that senses the hand when it’s close to the outlet then the system automatically opens the tap to flow, a 3D printed reusable face mask, face shield musk straps and an automated ventilator for supplying oxygen to Covid-19 patients.

These works got featured in 50 Innovations from Africa combating Covid-19 by United Nation Development Program and in 100 Inventions and ideas for covid-19 in Africa by Forbes Magazine.

In an interview with limitless motivation Joshua Opoku Agyemang mentioned that his passion for technology started when he came across the first computer in his village. Although there was no electricity at the time, the computer was powered by a generator. Josh was able to play some videos on the computer which made him curious about the device and wanted to know how it works and understand how it was built. Josh became obsessed with the computer that he was able to smuggle it into his senior high school dorm an act that is against the school rules.

After a couple of years with experimenting with the computer Josh’s new found love started making him some cash on the side, Josh was repairing computers, installing software and games for people for which he got paid.

Josh then decided to obtain professional training in his chosen carrier path, hence after senior high school Josh studied computer programming at the Ghana-Indian Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT (AITI-KACE).

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However, his parents were not very enthusiastic about his choice, because they felt the computer has distracted his education and the reason he could not perform as expected in both his BECE and WASSEC examination. As such Josh was advised by his parents to apply to teacher training college, but he instead chose to come to accra and learn programming for nine months.

Josh who always had the dream of starting his own company began pursing that dream right after completing his programming course. At age 19 Josh started Pesonet, a Tech start-up which he has grown into a million dollar business after 7 years.

The interesting thing about Joshua Opoku Agyemang that makes him to be inspiring is that he is impact driven in all his projects and tries to bring other young people along with him on his technological Journey.

Josh is the President of Internet of Things Network Hub (IoT Network Hub) Africa with over 7000 members in Ghana, the fastest and largest growing Tech community in West Africa, with chapters in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Togo, Sierra Leone, Gambia, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Liberia and Rwanda.

Josh is also the Founder of Entrepreneurs Network Hub, a community envisioned to bring all aspiring, budding and serial entrepreneurs with grit who are self-motivated to be the next generation change makers in Ghana and the Africa Continent.

Among other roles Josh has Partnership with Nvidia, Global AI Hub, Techaide, Implementers, CSIR, Ghana Tech Lab among others. A Kosmos Innovation Center Fellow, a member of Internet Society, Ghana STEM Network, Artificial Intelligence Association, Artificial intelligence Ghana, Blockchain Society of Ghana, Ghana Developers Network, Ghana Start-up Network and among others.

One of his IoT Projects was awarded by Africa Entrepreneurship Award in 2018 as the most significant and sustainable business idea out of 5000 applicants across the African Continent. His team won Ghana open Data Hackathon (2018 & 2019).

Josh is also an advisory and a judge to Ashesi Entreprenuership Capstone at Ashesi University. A partner, mentor and judge to Hultz Prize Competition at Reagent University College.

Some of his works have also been recognised by GIZ, UNDP, Internet Society(Kenya and Ghana Chapter), GONDWANA international networks,, 1000africanvoices and many more. He is also currently working on a Smart Home System that will allow households to or businesses to control their lightening and electrical appliances from their phone. The system will also allow you to monitor temperature, humidity, detect smoke, gas leakages and the power consumption of every electrical appliances. According to Josh, he and his team are building the future of homes where everything from lights windows, temperature, cameras, doors and all appliances will be fully connected and automated.

Brief Bio about Joshua Opoku Agyemang

Josh attended Marvelous Grace of God Preparatory School for both my Primary and JHS, the school is located in a Town called Kasapin in the Ahafo Region of Ghana. He then continued to Mim Senior High School also in the Ahafo Region. Josh took a 9months course at Kofi Annan ICT Center also known as AITI-Kace or GI-KACE.

Josh also learned other programming languages and tools like C#, C++, Python, java and others on his own. He also taught himself electronics and picked up entrepreneurship along the way.

Josh’s Final words: My final words to every youth and young entrepreneur is that we the youth are the future of this Great Nation, we are the future Leaders that are going to lead our nation into Greatness and Prosperity. We are full of Abundant Energy, Unlimited Power and Limitless Potentials.

We have whatever it takes inside us to make our nation Rich, Great and Strong Again and we must make sure we Arise and Build our Motherland.

If God be for us, Who can really be against us?

We need to understand that it’s going to be impossible to solve our Problems using the same kind of Thinking that Created them, we need to Think Different!
We need to empower ourselves with the right Skills and tools that would enable us to Build a better world.

Technology has changed our world and it’s rapidly changing it everyday, we can not be ignorant about the power of Technologies including IoT, AI, Robotics, Blockchain and the tremendous power they have in transforming our Nation and building the Industries and Economies of the future.

I will encourage every Youth and Young Entrepreneur to harness the power of Technology for problems Solving, Innovations, building scalable and Sustainable Businesses and Industries.

The best way to predict the future is to Invent it and the best way we can Predict the future of Ghana our Motherland is to Build it!

Thank you all,
God Bless You all and God Bless Ghana our Motherland.

You can get in touch with Josh on LinkedIn at Joshua Opoku Agyemang or Facebook at Joshua Opoku Agyemang

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