Meet Hannah Akomeah a Ghanaian young woman recycling used car tyres into furniture sets.

Hannah Hema Akomeah known in the business circle as Hanny’s Prime Ventures is a young Ghanaian lady who uses car tyres and Ghanaian prints to design beautiful sets of furniture.

Hannah’s unique work of using car tyres blended with Ghanaian prints to produce tables and chairs makes her craft to stand out in the Ghanaian furniture industry.

In a conversation with Limitless Motivation, Hannah stated that the business idea of using car tyres to make tables came about when she needed a new set of tables.

“I decided to try something new when I wanted a table at the time. And that was when it dawned on me that I can use car tyres to manufacture what I needed. I tried my hands on it and it worked”, Hannah narrated.

Although the initial table Hannah made using brand new car tyres did not meet her expectation she never gave up, but was determined to make it even better.

In addition, the kind of positive reactions and encouragement Hannah got from friends after she posted her first sets of tables on Facebook gave her a morale boost to explore more and even perfect her craft.

One set of table and chairs after the other Hannah has perfected the art of recycling used vehicle tyres into beautiful sets of furniture. Hannah has also extended her scope of craft to include recycling old sofas and giving them a facelift, in fact with Hannah nothing goes to waste.

For the novelty and quality of her work, Hannah’s client base cuts across many countries. She has so far received and delivered orders to clients in Ghana, the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Today Hannah Hema Akomeah has become a national sensation because of her craft.

Notwithstanding, Hannah did not get here by just wishing but had to overcome many hurdles to get to where she is today.

In our conversation, Hannah recounted how she had to drop out of senior high school because of her untimely pregnancy. And being a very brilliant student and one who scored the highest grade in her year’s Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) in the Atibie township, many felt disappointed in her. And at the least opportunity, she was reminded of her error by onlookers.

However, Hannah did not let her own disappointment neither the disappointment of others stop her from trying to make something meaningful out of her life. Hannah was able to move on and later secured a job at Lenkon Express a savings and loan company. Hannah remained with the company for almost 8 years until the discovery of her new passion of making furniture sets with recycled tyres and Ghanain prints.

As Hannah’s vision expanded coupled with a rude awakening of the high rate of youth unemployment in Ghana. Hannah has decided to offer training to individuals who are willing to learn her work in order to help reduce youth unemployment in the country. At the moment she has succeeded in training 11 people and still has some upcoming training in this month of April 2021.

Hannah is open to sponsorship and investment to help take the business to the next level.

You can contact Hannah on Facebook at Hanny’s Prime Ventures for any form of collaboration, sponsorship, and orders.

Brief Biography of Hannah Hema Akomeah

Hannah had her primary and junior high education at the Atibie Methodist Primary and JHS school. She later continued with her secondary school education at Mpraeso senior high school where she studied general arts. Hannah had her first job at Lenkon Express a Savings and loan company in Atibie and remained with the company for 8 years until the discovery of her craft.

Hannah’s Final Words for the Youths: Focus on skill acquisitions as an alternative means of income. Because the skills you acquire nobody can take them from you.


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