Meet Reginald Nii Odoi a Practicing Barrister and Social Entrepreneur who is Transforming lives through His NGO.

Reginald Nii Odoi, esq is a practicing Barrister and Solicitor in Ghana, and the Founder of the Good Shepherd Love Foundation.

Reginald as a young man who is very passionate about causing societal change and contributing to the cause of the youth and the vulnerable, while pursuing a law degree at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) founded the Good Shepherd Love Foundation in the year 2013.

While on campus, Reginald used the foundation as a vehicle to assist needy students to pay school fees and also acquire some basic needs.

Speaking with Limitless motivation Reginald stated that foundation was borne out of a great desire to address the needs of the poor, depressed, aged, widowed, un-mentored, abused, orphans, and other vulnerable persons in society. Although the foundation started on campus it is still in existence to date and not only impacting students but also stretching its impacts across many communities in Ghana.

The Good Shepherd Love Foundation is an NGO registered under the laws of Ghana that seeks, finds and addresses the physical, moral, emotional, psychological, financial, educational, health and other needs of the many vulnerable in society.

Finance being a challenge at the initial stages of the foundation, Reginald who was a brilliant law student, authored the Good Shepherd Law Series which was a series of detailed academic materials on various subjects on law. With this, Reginald sold at affordable prices to students of law and all proceeds were used to finance the Foundation and its activities.

Since then, the Foundation has embarked on many village and community-based projects all over Ghana, with the aim of empowering the vulnerable, strengthening the weak, and empowering the powerless.

The Good Shepherd Love Foundation has also embarked on several youth empowerment and academic excellence seminars all over Ghana. This has benefited many Junior High, Senior High and University Students to aspire for academic excellence as well as encouraging them to live lives that is public interest oriented.

The Foundation has a rural reading program, an annual academic excellence empowerment summit, an academic scholarship fund, a bi-annual village and community outreach program, an orphanage and widowhood outreach program, and many other such initiatives. These are carried out across the length and breadth of Ghana.

The Foundation also has a spiritual wing known as The Good Shepherd Watchtower. This is meant to reach out to the spiritual needs of many through exhortations, counselling, prayers and other valuable spiritual exercises.

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Programs of the Good Shepherd Love Foundation in details.

1. Scholarship

The Good Shepherd Love Foundation provides funding for many young and brilliant students who are not able to further their studies due to financial challenges

2. Outreaches

The Good Shepherd Love Foundation embarks on regular outreaches to villages, towns, communities, schools, prisons, hospitals, and such other areas.

3.Counselling And Mentorship

The Good Shepherd Love Foundation provides counseling and mentorship avenues for many people who require it.

Inclusively, the foundation has also assisted very hardworking but needy individuals with seed capital to start businesses in order to help make ends meet. These were all done with savings of the Founder as well as generous donations from friends and family.

Reginald also mentioned that, “as an NGO, the Foundation has a number of challenges that it has to deal with, chief of them being the issue of finance. That notwithstanding, the Foundation remains unfazed and very determined to reach out to many and contribute to societal change and development in Ghana and the world over.

The goal of the Foundation is to form alliances and partnerships with various global organizations in order to address the pressing issues facing the many vulnerable persons in today’s society especially in Africa.

The foundation also seeks to unlock solutions to international development challenges by empowering a global community engaged in love for humanity”.

Currently, the President of the Foundation is Mr. Alfred Kingsley Kwame Nimoh, and Rhoda Enyonam-Oklu Aham is the Programs & Projects Director.

You can visit the website at for more information and any form of collaboration.

You can also find Reginald Nii Odoi Jnr on Facebook

Brief Biography of Reginald Nii Odoi

Reginald was born in Accra and had his Primary and Junior Secondary School education at Christ The King International School, Cantonments – Accra. He later went to St. Augustine’s College, Cape-Coast for his Senior Secondary Education.

Reginald had his undergraduate law studies at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) where he graduated with First Class Honors.
In KNUST, Reginald notably served as the President of the Law Students’ Union and the Legal Affairs Commissioner of the SRC amongst other positions of service.

He also possesses an LLM Degree from Harvard Law School. At Harvard Law School, Reginald served as the Co-chair for the Harvard Africa Development Conference and the Alumni and External Relations Chair for the Law and International Development Society (LIDS) amongst others

Reginald aspires to use the law as a tool for societal change and is passionate about re-envisioning the way effective lawyering could be done in today’s world.

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