Meet Michael Dzordzormenyoh a Diasporian Ghanaian Transforming Lives through his Foundation.

Michael Dzordzormenyoh is the founder of the Michael K Dzordzormenyo foundation a Ghana based NGO with the mission to promote and support human dignity, and inspire humanity in communities throughout Africa by means of promoting the kingdom of God, providing access to education, healthcare, leading and mentoring the youths.

Michael is currently, a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for Black Studies Research (CBSR) at the University of California – Santa Barbara. His research examines the connection between leadership, the development and implementation of public policies and the impact of such policies on citizens, specifically minorities in a comparative context.

According to Michael, between the years 2015 – 2019 he went on a journey and soul searching to discover himself – the what, when & how of his purpose. And the M-K-D Foundation was one of the many ideas that was birth from that journey to find himself. By May 28, 2017 he was certain and had a knowing that – “The NGO must start running by the end of this year.” he told Limitless Motivation.

On January 11, 2018 the M-K-D foundation came into existence after we obtained permission to operate from the Registrar General & Social Welfare offices in Ghana. Since 2018, the foundation has focused on providing service in education (preparing junior high students for BECE, scholarships for needy students); healthcare & evangelism (donations to health centers, donations & dedication of babies to God); partnerships with orphanages, churches & other NGO’s to support the needy. Looking forward, the foundation is working on a leadership academy to mentor & train young Ghanaians starting from the basic schools in Ghana to become change leaders among other programs.

Below are the M-K-D Foundation Programs in details.

  1. Gibeon Educational Project

The Gibeon Educational Project (GEP), focuses on preparing final year students in Junior High Schools who are ready to take their Basic Education Certificate Exams (BECE). The project seeks to help students in preparing for their exams through: 1. Spiritual and motivational guidance.
2. Providing free mathematical sets.
3. Clarifying exam content to students. 
4. Coaching students on successful exam techniques.

The single goal of the Gibeon Educational Project is to improve students BECE results and enhance their chances of getting into Senior High Schools.

2. Scholarships

The M-K-D Foundation scholarship programs provide students at various academic levels with assistance to either access or complete their education. We employ various programs to achieve these goals:

Current Scholarships Include:​

​Apply Here:

3. The Travel Ghana Initiative

The Travel Ghana Initiative provides excursions to students in JHS and SHS to places in Ghana away from their normal environment in hopes to provide students with real-life experiences, access to culture, history, and art not taught in school, and to help students prepare for life after graduation and future careers.

4. Tabitha Healthcare & Evangelism Project

The Tabitha Healthcare & Evangelism Project (THEP) was designed specifically to support healthcare institutions and professionals to provide quality care to the sick. The project seeks to provide support through:

  • Donations to improve the delivery and quality of healthcare to patients by healthcare facilities and professionals.
  • Identifying institutional and individual health challenges and seek efficient and effective ways to address them

5. Widow’s Project

The M-K-D Foundation strongly believes that by assisting widows we can empower them to devote their time to worthy causes and be the Anna of their generation.

You can visit the website at for more information and for any form of collaboration.

Brief Biography of Michael Dzodzomenyo

Michael was born in Ada-Foah in Dangme East District now the Ada East District. He had his basic – Primary & Junior High education with the Ada-Foah Presby Primary & Junior High school. His high school education took him to Nkwatia in the Eastern region where He attended Nkwatia Senior High and studied business. Michael continued to the University of Ghana – Legon where he studied Linguistics, Political Science & Classical History for his first degree. He graduated Legon in 2011 with a combined major in Political Science and Linguistic.

While at Legon he held various student leadership in various student organisations. In 2012 he moved to the USA on a scholarship to study Applied Politics (Campaign Strategies) with The Department of Political Science & the Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics at the University of Akron – Ohio. He also served in Graduate Student Government at the University of Akron. He then moved to South Dakota in 2015 – 2019 where he obtained a doctorate in Political Science with specialisations in Public Administration, Public Policy & American Political Institution.

Michaels story is inspiring because even though he is not present in person in Ghana he’s still able to impact and transform lives through his resources. This again confirms that been in the diaspora doesn’t stop one from being relevant to his country of origin.

May this be an inspiration particularly to those of our brothers and sisters in the diaspora not to forget about their roots.


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