15 Businesses You Can Start with a Low Budget Range of GHC200 cedis – GHC2000 cedis.


With the current economic terrain, not having multiple streams of income is self-sabotaging. Nonetheless, entrepreneurship presents an equal opportunity for all to own a side hustle, either big or small.

The good thing about being an entrepreneur is that there are a lot of options that even with a low budget between 200 cedis to 2000 Ghana cedis you can still find a profitable venture to invest in and make a reasonable amount of profit.

There is no problem with starting small, most of the big Ghanaian companies we have today started small the likes of Osei Kwame Despite, Kofi Nsiah-Poku (Kinapharma) and Nana Kwame Bediako. The only problem is when you remain small, so I encourage you today to start from wherever you are and work towards being big.

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Below are 15 Businesses You Can Start with a Low Budget Range of 200-2000 cedis.

All the business ideas stated here are flexible and convenient, you may not necessarily have to operate them yourself, but you can set it up for someone to run while yo keep your main stream job.

1. Delivery\ Courier services

Delivery\Courier services: Courier services is one of the less capital intensive business you can start in Ghana. A start-up capital of GHC200- GHC2000 is more than enough your business. With a vehicle either motorcycle or a van and reliable cell phone you can start your courier or delivery business. Your services span from the delivery and pick up of packages, food, groceries, medicines and documents among others. Delivery business is a perfect side hustle business. You can hire two or three people to do the delivery for you while you focus on your regular job or other business.

2. Retail of Curtains and Bed-sheet

Retail of Curtains and Bed-sheet: With a start up capital between GHC200- GHC2000 you can start a retail of curtains and bed-sheet business. You can retail cotton bed-sheets, duvet, blankets, pillows, quilt and curtains of different colours, sizes and designs. This business can also be a good side hustle for those who have other commitments and a regular job. You can operate remotely ( from home or an online shop) or set up a shop.

3. Second-Hand Clothing and Underwear

Second-Hand Clothing and Underwear: Everyone wears clothing right? There is a huge customer base for clothing either imported or African made clothing. With a budget between 200 cedis to 500 cedis or more, you can comfortably start a small clothing business. Here there are varieties of clothing you can look at or specialise in, at the beginning level given that your budget is small. Either adult wears, baby wears, all males, all females or a mixture, you have to do your market research and see what would sell. You can look at baby clothing, teenagers’ clothing, or adult clothing. Either way, your customers will give you feedback on what products they would love to buy from you.


4. Retail Home Supplies and Provisions

Retail Home Supplies and Provisions: There is an increasing demand for home supplies like toiletries, laundry care, dietary products (milk), milo, cereals, and beverages as families are increasing. Retailing these items is a good business venture to consider entering. However, it may require a significant amount of capital depending on the scale at which you want to operate. With a budget between 500 cedis to 2000 cedis, you can start a mini provision shop. You never know, maybe your small start-up today can become the next Shoprite of tomorrow.

5. Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables: The fruits and vegetable market in Ghana is a pretty huge market and if you position yourself rightly with a little bit of swag and brand you can be sure to make some good profit. For example, the demand for pineapple, banana, and coconut among others is huge. The good thing about this business is that with a little budget as low as 200 cedis you can start.

First, you must study your market area thus the location at which you want to establish your business and identify the kinds of fruits and vegetables that are in demand. Then you have to get a strategic location usually by a busy street, acquire some inputs like a table and chair, knives, toothpick, chopping board to start with. You can get the rest of the items as your business grows. Then use word of mouth to spread the news of your new venture, and some marketing strategies like giving discounts to your new customers can also be helpful.


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6. Footwears

Footwears: Ghana like any other country, the demand for footwear is high, whether it is Adidas, Nike, Vans, or locally made shoes and slippers. With a population of about 26 million Ghanaians if not all, at least 2/4 of the population would demand some form of footwear that you would be able to trade-in. With a budget between 200 cedis to 500 cedis or more, you can sell Ghanaian made easy-wear, and slippers that are not expensive.

The ones that the cost price is not above at most 20 cedis so that you can also add a markup price to make some profit. You can start this way and scale up later. However, if your investment capital is up to 2000 cedis you can sell a variety of footwear, office shoes, designer wears, easy wears, and slippers. You can also add a shoe repair section to your business this is likely to bring in more customers.

7. Chop Bar\Mini Restaurant\Roadside Food Joint

Chop Bar\Mini Restaurant\Roadside Food Joint: Depending on your starting capital you can enter the cooked food industry as either a chop bar operator, mini restaurant, or a roadside food joint. Between 200 cedis to 2000 cedis, you can find a niche in the cooked food industry that will suit you. There is a huge customer base for food ranging from early morning Hausa Koko, waakye, kenkey and shito, kelewele, jollof rice, and fried rice.

If people can patronize expensive Kempinski hotel food, then you can be sure to get your own share of customers. All you have to do is to keep a clean and presentable environment where you sell. Add some swag and brand to your service, if it is Koko or waakye whichever kind of food it is, sell it with some difference. Your customer service should be on point coupled with your tasty recipes.


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8. Barbering Salon

Barbering Salon: Starting a barbering salon is a little bit more capital intensive than the already mentioned business avenues, however, it is a goldmine if managed well hence it is worth every investment. You can invest or start a barbering salon business whether you have the barbering skills personally or not. Without the skills, you can always hire barbers who will work for you.

At least your starting capital should be between 1500 cedis to 2000 cedis or more. If you have the barbering skills yourself there are three avenues through which you can make money. Your own personal barbering services you offer, that of your workers and product sales. However, if you don’t have the skills personally you can still make money from two avenues, selling hair products and accessories, and the barbering your workers make.

9. Catering and Pastries Service

Catering and Pastries Service: Another flexible and not too capital intensive business enterprise to consider entering is the catering business. With a budget range between 200 cedis to 500 cedis or more (2000 cedis), you can comfortably start a profitable catering business that would deliver value to your customers and earn you some money. The business is somewhat flexible, you can operate from home and it can be operated on part-time bases. Your customers would range from individuals having a wedding, anniversaries, birthday celebrations, and graduations ceremonies among others. With the catering business, you can also include making other kinds of pastries that can extend the reach of your market.

10. Wholesale or Retail of Fresh Tilapia

Wholesale or Retail of Fresh Tilapia: With a budget of GHC200- GHC2000 you can comfortably start your fresh tilapia retail business in Ghana. All you need to do is locate good suppliers (fisherman) who offer you the tilapia at good wholesale prices. For the purpose of getting the fresh tilapia on a large scale you can have more than one supplier. After securing your suppliers you then begin to advertise your business, through word of mouth and by other means. Another good thing is that you can be able to do this business on part-time bases, either solely on weekends, or on particular days depending on you availability.

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11.Drive Uber on a Part-time\full-time basis

Drive Uber on a Part-time\full-time basis: If you are looking for a flexible work schedule and a part-time gig, then driving uber after work and on weekends is a good business opportunity for you. You can sign up as a driver without a car or as a car owner who is also available as a driver, or only as a car owner. A budget of GHC200- GHC2000 is more than enough to start this business. Because you don’t necessarily need to have a car start driving uber.

12. Graphic Design

Graphic Design: Day in day out, companies and individuals request the services of a graphic designer either for their company logo, brochure designs, magazines, complimentary cards, invitation cards, animation, and, infographics etc. With a budget of GHC200- GHC2000 you can acquire the skills of graphic designing and start serving your clients.

13. Photography and video editor

Photography and video editor: One of the most sought after people in today’s world are people with photography and video editing skills. There’s always demand for photographers hence if you are an amateur or professional photographer you have the opportunity to start-up you own business with a capital of GHC200- GHC2000.

14. Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services: Another less capital, but lucrative business you can start is providing cleaning services, either domestic cleaning services or office cleaning services. Most offices and homes in Ghana nowadays are requiring the service of a cleaner. You can operate this business as a cleaning agency, thus, you hire people to work for you while you pay them. An amount of GHC200- GHC2000 is sufficient to help you get started with your cleaning business.

15. Mobile Car Wash

Mobile Car Wash: An amount between the ranges of GHC200- GHC2000 is just enough for you to start up you mobile cash business in Ghana. Here the most important equipment you need to get is the car wash machine. The advantage of running this business is that it is not limited by time and space. Also it gives you the opportunity to attend to car owners who don’t want to drive through a washing bay and wait in long queues, but prefer to have their cars washed in the comfort of their homes. And since its a mobile business you wouldn’t be paying for logistics cost, like rent, and electricity.

I hope you find this article helpful, kindly comment below any other business ideas you think can work within the budget range of 200 cedis to 2000 cedis.


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