8 Businesses you can Start with a budget of 10,000 Cedis to 30,000 Ghana Cedis.

Are you looking for a profitable business venture to invest your GHC10,000-GHC30,000 in?

In a country like Ghana an amount between GHC10,000- GHC30,000 is a great seed capital that if judiciously invested in a profitable business, you’ll reap the fruits of your labor without a doubt.

There are many businesses you can start with an amount ranging from GHC10,000- GHC30,000, nevertheless, not all business ideas are worth pursuing. To make your work easy and save you from unnecessary hustle, Limitless motivation has carefully selected 8 businesses ideas that stand to give you a good rate of return on your investment.

Below are 8 profitable businesses that you can start with GHC10,000-GHC30,000 in Ghana.

1. Poultry Farm: Ghanaians been known to have a great appetite for poultry products particularly chicken (eg. fried chicken, grilled chicken, boiled chicken or toasted chicken, boiled and, fried egg etc) consequently, the demand for poultry products as always is on the high.

Additionally, the growth in population coupled with the springing up of new restaurants, hotels, catering services etc. has further augmented the demand poultry products creating a ready market for this business. And one good thing about this business is that it is all year round profitable.

There are three types of poultry birds you can have on your poultry farm. Either rear birds solely for meat production known a broilers, or rear birds solely for commercial egg production known as layers or rear only male birds (cock) for meat production known as cockerel. Here are 5 simple steps to get you started in the poultry business; 1) choose the type of poultry bird to rear, 2) select a suitable farm location/site, 3) provide good housing and shelter for the birds, 4) feed and medicate the poultry birds, 5) Have a marketing and sales of plan.

2. Pharmaceuticals: The Pharmaceutical industry remains one of the most profitable industries in human history. Our health is one of our most important asset as such we go to any length possible to ensure that we are in good health, as the saying goes health is wealth. If you have the ambition of not just making money but equally saving lives then investing in pharmaceuticals is the perfect business for you. Whiles you may need to obtain a licence for operation, a budget range of GHC10,000-GHC30,000 is enough to get you started with your pharmacy business.

3. Events Equipment Rental: Whiles many like to celebrate occasions such as graduation ceremonies, weddings, out-dooring, baby showers, birthday parties, and funerals among others. It is not financially possible neither is it cost-effective for each person to buy his own set of plastic chairs, tables, canopies, standby generators, and portable toilets among other events equipment for their ceremonies. Hence the event equipment rental business comes in handy. You may want to ask, but is it profitable? The answer is yes, very profitable. If you run this business well and seriously you can recover your principal capital in no time. With funds of about GHC 10,000, you can comfortably start your events equipment rental business. All you have to do is to get some good quality, beautiful, and if possible distinguished equipment (chairs, tables, and canopies, etc). You can get them in different colours or one colour it all depends on you. To capture the market you can decide to offer free transportation of your equipment to the event ground of your customers. Also, ensure you have a well secured place or warehouse where you will keep the equipment.

4. Building Materials and Building Equipment sales and rentals: With so much development in the Ghanaian real estate market and everyone wanting to be a house owner demand for building materials is on the rise. The concept of building equipment rentals is the same as events equipment rental. Given the reason that these equipment are expensive and not everyone can afford them it’s rather economically reasonable to rent them. With an amount range of GHC10,000-GHC30,000 you can start your building material and construction equipment sales and rentals business.

5. Business Centre and Internet Cafe: Given the fact that in Ghana internet and other technological accessories are expensive and therefore not accessible to many unlike in other parts of the world where the internet is available in almost every home because it is considered as a basic necessity. The average Ghanaian outsources most of these services like photocopying, printing, and typing outside their homes, usually from an internet cafe. This makes the business centre and internet cafe business very profitable since there is a ready market available. With GHC 10,000-GHC30,000 cedis you can easily start an internet cafe and business centre business. First find a good location which is well accessible either by foot or by car and then you can buy all the necessary equipment such as desktop computers, printer(s), and photocopier machine among others.

6. Hairdressing and Barbering Salon: Another lucrative business to consider investing with a budget of GhC10,000-GHC30,000 is a unisex beauty salon, popularly known as a hairdressing and barbering salon. Weekly, biweekly or monthly a greater percentage of people usually visit the barbering or hairdressing salon for their hair upkeep or for a change of look. Implying that there is always a ready market available for this business. GHC10,000-GHC30,000 cedis is enough to set up a standard and state of the art barbering salon. And with the help of social media, particularly Instagram you can be able to build a huge customer base.

7. Frozen Meat and Grocery Store (Cold Store): The rise in outdoor ceremonies in Ghana like weddings, birthday parties, graduation and funeral ceremonies has caused the demand for frozen meat to increase. Partly because of its affordability and secondly for the fact that it saves time. Additionally, almost every Ghanaian home patronises frozen meat, either in the form of frozen chicken, frozen beef or frozen groceries for domestic consumption hence the ready market for this business. With GHC 10, 000-GHC30,000 you can start a profitable cold store business. Like all other businesses you must find a good location for your business and conduct some research or feasibility studies before starting the business.

8. Fish farming: Ghana being highly endowed with various water resources, one may assume that the country is able to churn out enough fish for domestic consumption. However, that is the contrary of the existing situation, available data reveals that local demand for fish exceeds the domestic supply, hence the excess domestic demand is augmented by imported fish. The myriads nutritional and health benefits of fish ensures that there is always a ready market available. A start up capital between GHC 10,000-GHC30,000 is sufficient to start a functional fish farm. The ministry of agriculture office (local or regional) in the area where you plan to set up your fish farm may be of great help in gathering some relevant information. Although fish farming is a profitable business venture, it requires some level of technical knowledge hence it is advisable to equip yourself or your team with the adequate skills before venturing into the business.

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