11 Job Interview Tips for Job Seekers in Ghana: How to make a great impression during an Interview.

Thank goodness that your academic credentials have been able to help you secure a job interview. However, we all know that no matter the number of academic credentials or skills set we have we still have to overcome the hurdle of Acing an interview.

Limitless Motivation has therefore put together some tips to help Ghananaia Graduates make the best impression at their job interviews and possibly secure their dream jobs.

1. Start by researching the Company and the Interviewers: It is very expedient that you research the company with which you’re going to interview with, because it would help you to go into the interview with confidence. Every company aims at recruiting candidates against their core competence, which should be in line with the core values, missions, and visions of the company. You can use information from the company’s website, social media posts and any recent press release to familiarize yourself with the company and know what their goals are and what makes you a great fit for the position.

2. Practice your answers to common interview questions: Prepare and practice answers to possible interview questions. For example; tell me about yourself and why this company? Among the many applicants, why should we hire you? Are you able to work well with others? The aim is to quickly communicate who you are and what value you bring to the company. That is why prior to the interview you should prepare the best possible answers to these questions and rehearse them. You can use your family and friends to conduct mock interviews to build your confidence prior to the interview. And remember that it is better to be over-prepared than to be underprepared and no amount of preparation is too much.

3. Read and understand the job description: Read and understand clearly what the job is about and what the job requires of an employee. Come up with some examples from your past and current work experiences that align with the requirements of the job position. And while in the interview be sure to demonstrate and stress on your qualities and experiences that make you the best fit for this job position.

4. Use the STAR method in answering questions: Whiles you may have already prepared answers for some of the interview questions you’ll encounter, you may also encounter questions that you are not familiar with. And this is where the STAR method comes in handy to help you give the best answers. Using the STAR method implies that you answer questions by telling stories with examples of clear Situation, Task, Action, and Result.

5. Prepare smart questions for your interviewers: An interview is expected to be interactive and the interview panel expects the applicants to also ask questions. Asking questions in an interview signals to the employer your interest in the position and the company. For example, how would my performance be measured, can you please explain to me what entails the day-to-day responsibility of this job? Does the company provide training, on the job or external training? How do departments usually collaborate?

6. Treat everyone you encounter with respect: From the road to the company premises, you have to treat everyone you encounter with respect, the security personnel, the receptionist\ front desk attendant, the random person (lady\gentleman) you meet at the car park because you never know who is who. And also because companies are at liberty to employ any form of elimination strategy.

7. Endeavor to make a great first impression: From your appearance to your body language. Make sure your clothes and shoes are tidy and without stains. Your nails, hair, and tooth (have a fresh breath) are neatly kept and clean. And also exude confidence with your body language, like sitting upright and chest out, and maintain eye contact.

8. Bring along copies of your resume, certificates, a notebook, and a pen: Take along with you to the interview at least 5 printed copies of your resume and certificates in case you have multiple interviewers. And with the pen and notebook, you can take some notes of any relevant information mentioned by the interviewers.

9. Keep the answers concise and focused: Go straight to the point when answering questions and avoid exaggerations. Remember that each applicant has a limited time with the interviewers hence you have to aim at making the best impression on your employer within the shortest possible time.

10. Don’t speak negatively about your former employers: Try as much as possible to stay off of the negative street during the entire interview. Employers are looking to hire resilient and problem solvers, even if you had some problems with your previous employers rather mention the skills you have gained with them which makes you a competitive candidate for this job.

11. Be Authentic and Positive: Responding to questions genuinely makes it easier for the interviewers to relate to you. And whether you know it or not interviewers are able to detect to some extent if the answers you are giving to them are true, false, or fabricated. So the best thing for you to do is be authentic with your responses and also maintain a positive attitude which can make the interview less intense and constructive.

Sample Interview Questions

1. Tell us about yourself ?

Tip: Since this question is usually one of the first you get asked during an interview, typically the interviewer wants to know who you are and how your skills and accomplishments are related to the job position.

2. Why this company? And what is your interest in the company?

Tip: Here you have to demonstrate how the company’s goal, mission, and vision align and resonate with your personal vision. And explain how interested you are in the product or service that the company provides.

3. Among the many applicants why should we hire you?

Tip: You must respond by letting them know how the company will benefit from you and what you are bringing to the table. First, start by mentioning how you meet all the job criteria and then add other skills that were not mentioned in the requirements, but you know will be very beneficial to the company in the future. Also, let them know that the growth of the company is a priority for you and you are willing to contribute to this growth.

4. Do you know what it takes to succeed at the position you’re applying for?

5. Are you able to work well with others?

Tip: This question seeks to find out whether you are a team player. Let them know that you are a great team player and you can use some examples from your previous jobs, the role you played in the team, and how the team was able to achieve a grand goal with the help of each team member. Also, mention that in as much as you are a team player when a task at hand requires independent work you are equally capable of working alone.

6. How well do you relate to your teachers?

Tip: This question seeks to find out how you relate to authority. Whether you are submissive or rebellious?

7.What is your salary expectation?

8.Tell as about any of your recent accomplishment?

9. How has school or your education prepared you for this job?

10. Where do you see yourself in five years?


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