10 Food Business Ideas to Invest in, in Ghana

Perhaps you are passionate about food, how it is prepared, how it’s garnished and how it is served. The truth is that a greater proportion of us humans are foodies, whether we admit it or not, this therefore provides a huge and ready market for all business related to food. If you want to convert this passion of yours into a business, then this article is for you.

Particularly in Ghana we have varieties of foods ranging from specific tribe delicacies, for example, kenkey, Banku, Fufu to universal national delicacies like Jollof rice, Waakye among others. And not to mention our appetite for of continental dishes.

Here are 10 Food Business Ideas in Ghana that you can consider investing in.

1. Baking: Perhaps your family and friends always praise you for how delicious the small chops, bread or snacks you baked taste good. You can translate your love for baking into a business and get paid for doing what you love to do. This is the opportunity to put that family recipe to test. You can go into this business on a full time basis, or on part time basis where you bake only in the evenings and weekends depending on your availability. Currently in Ghana there a some bakeries that started small, but today they are doing so well. For example doughman doughnuts, A1 bread.

2. Smoothie Bar and Smoothie Recipes: With many people becoming conscious of their health and understanding the benefits of fruits. The market for smoothies in Ghana has grown over the yes. Not many have taken advantage of this market in Ghana yet , hence you stand the chance of making some profit in this market should you invest in this business. You can situate your smoothie bar in a shopping mall, on university and polytechnic campuses or any busy area. Another alternative is that you can open your smoothie bar together with a fast food joint or a sit down bar. This particular business has a lot of potential and one strategy to get a lot of customers is to ensure that you sell smoothies of fruits that people may not easily get in the market, thus smoothies of exotic fruits. Another key strategy to win and retain your customers is by packaging and presenting your smoothies to be catchy to the eyes and tasteful.

3. Spice Processing: Another path to take to monetise your love for food is to go into spices preparation. The market for ready-mix spices in Ghana has grown particular because it saves time. You can develop healthy spice mix that would offer unique taste to people. You can also preparing garlic and ginger paste. You may want to take some inspiration from Onga seasoning, Maggi seasoning and other spices manufactures to come out with your own unique products. The key to succeeding in this venture is that you have to experiment a lot with different taste combinations in order to come out with new spice products.

4. Catering: Do you have a natural flare for cooking or you are a trained cook. You have the opportunity to sell your handy works to people and make some money. You can prepare dishes for birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, graduation ceremonies, and other special occasions. At the beginning you may start alone or use family and friends, but as you get more orders and the business expands you would have to employ some staffs. With this business, social media, particularly Instagram can be very helpful with your marketing and getting clients. You can also have an official website where people can book you and where you can also showcase your works and the parties you have catered for. In addition you should also build a good network with event managers that they can recommend you to potential clients.

5. Confectionary Business: Ghanians like people everywhere have a great appetite for sweets either lollipops, toffees or chewing gum. Yet most of the sweets on the Ghanaian markets are all imported which therefore creates an opportunity for indigenous Ghanaians to also produce and package our own candies. For example, condensed milk toffee, coconut toffee, and nkatie cake among other Ghanaian sweets can all be package for the domestic market and the international market.

6. Fast food Joint: In this era where we are all on the move either to the office, to catch a bus, or a flight, or on our way to school or on lunch break. Fast food seems to always come in handy. In the Ghanaian contest fast food joint may be that hot waakye joint, fried rice joint, chop bar or a beverage joint. There is no doubt that there a lot of food joints already established, but there is still market for your unique recipe. So long us you give a some level of twist and sophistication to your recipe so that it tastes different from others you are sure to get your own tribe of customers. Pay attention to the little things like cleanliness of the environment and customer service and you are certain to remain in business for a long time.

7. Agro Food processing: The agro food processing sector in Ghana has a lot of business potential. Most of the processed food we consume in Ghana like canned tomatoes, processed chocolate, fruit, cereals, and canned vegetables are all imported. However, Ghana is blessed with a lot of the arable lands that can be used to cultivate the raw materials that are used in the production of these canned foods hence it’s a good opportunity for entrepreneurs to enter in to. You can set up your own import substitution business where you process products tomatoes, cassava, and chocolate among others.

8. Chewables: Another possible food business venture to consider is Ghana is the productions of chewables like pop corn, kelewele, khebab (Tshitshinga), plantain chips, and yam chips among others. Usually, most people trade in either one of these businesses at a time, but another twist you can add to it is that, you can become a house of chewables entrepreneur that you trade in all of the above named business. Thus your business specialises in the production of small chops.

9. Cook for people: As people become more busy and mostly close late from work, the demand for home cooked pre-made foods is increasing. If you are good at making home cooked meals in bulk which can be preserved in the refrigerator for some time. Then you can offer your services to busy parents and working professionals, the elderly who are either time constrained or do not have enough energy to prepare their own foods. You can advertise your service on social media and use word of mouth through family and friends to get your clients.

10. Youtube Food Recipes Channel: One of the most subscribed to youtube channels today are food recipes channels. And most Youtubers have testified of making some extra revenue through their youtube channels. You can also take advantage of this opportunity to start a youtube channel where you share food recipes. Having a youtube channel has a lot of advantages for example it gives you the opportunity to grow your clients or fun base which can later translate into revenue. If you are wondering how to go about it you can just start by recording yourself whiles cooking and then you share the video on your youtube channel. Little by little you’ll build your confidence and become an expert over time. Here are some Youtube channels you may want to take inspiration from, Sweet Adjeley, StellaZone and Kwankyewaa’s Kitchen.

Hope you found this article helpful? Kindly leave your thoughts and comments below. Thank you!


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