7 Businesses you can Start with a Budget of 3000 Cedis to 5000 Ghana Cedis.

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Do you have a budget between 3000 Cedis to 5000 Ghana Cedis and you are thinking of starting a business in Ghana? There are a number of profitable and not too demanding business ventures you can consider investing in. This article outlines 7 of such ideas.

1. Mobile Money Merchant: Mobile money transfer is the current reigning king in the digital financial service in Ghana. Patronage for mobile money transfer services has been on the increase since its inception in 2009. The service allows its users to save, send, and receive money, shop online, pay bills, and school fees among others. The best part is that you don’t only have to be a user who pays a commission, but you can also be a merchant that receives those commissions. Have you been thinking that being a mobile money merchant is out of your league? I’m here to tell you that it’s not that difficult and you can actually become a very successful one for that matter and even get to create jobs for others if you dare to start.

With a budget of 5000 or more  Ghana cedis, you can become a mobile money merchant and make some good profit. I was once a  mobile money merchant while a student at KNUST  and I must say that if the business is managed well it can be very profitable. All you have to do is first register your business (pretty easy), then apply to any mobile money network to be a merchant.


Here you have to meet some basic requirements, a minimum capital of 4000 Ghana cedis, have a permanent structure in a form of brick and mortar building, or semi-permanent structure (kiosk or container). If you are going to hire some workers, ensure that you treat and pay them well so that they can also take care of your business and treat your customers well so they keep repeating business with you.   If I could do it then I believe you can do it too.

2. Okada or Pragya Motorcycle: If you have an interest in entering into the transportation business in Ghana, but do not have enough capital to acquire a car, Pragya or Okada operation might just be the good starting point towards achieving that dream. The insurgence of Pragya (tricycle)  and motorbike as a means of transportation in Ghana over the past couple of years is unbelievable.  This may be due to the fact that it is fast, safe, and cheap for many.


Pragya (tricycle) is one of the current days’ popular means of transportation used both in the cities and rural towns ( villages). Implying that there is a ready market for Pragya operators. Even in this period of Covid-19 among all other forms of on-land transportation, Pragya is one of the safest alternative means of transportation because you don’t come into contact with many people on board.

   With a budget between 3000 cedis and  5000 cedis, you can buy a Pragya and be on your way of making good money. Kwesi Mensah, a tricycle (Pragya) rider told Agence de Presse Africaine (APA) that he could make GHC100.00 on a good day and GHC50.00 on a bad day.  Which is an indication that owning a commercial Pragya is a lucrative business if managed well. All it takes to start is, buy a brand new or already used Pragya, register it and do the paperwork, get a driver if you’re not going to drive yourself and you’re ready to start your business.

3.  Cosmetics and Hair Accessories: With our ladies and gentlemen having to look their best always cosmetics and hair product sales is a profitable business you can consider entering. The risk involved in operating this type of business is very small. You only have to make sure that all the products you sell have their expiry date very far in the future one year or more years away.   With a budget of 3000 Cedis to 5000 Ghana cedis, you can start a sizeable cosmetic business which you can scale into something big with branches in other locations as time goes on.


4. Canopy and Chair Rentals: With a budget of 3000 cedis to 5000 Ghana cedis another lucrative business venture you can enter is renting canopy and chairs. With the continuous increase in the number of outdoor ceremonies like weddings, birthday parties, burial (funerals), and naming ceremonies, canopy, and chair rentals is just a good business opportunity to take advantage of. You can start with a minimum of 200 Chairs or more as your budget allows.


5. Phone and Electronic Accessories: With so much advancement in technology and the technological wave sweeping across the globe, Ghana inclusive, almost everyone uses or owns some form of technological gadgets. Ranging from phones, PS5 games, laptops, headsets, power banks. With a  budget of 3000 cedis to 5000 Ghana cedis, you can set up a phone and electronic accessories shop. You can also attach to the accessory shop a repair section which will also bring in more customers.  If you do not have the expertise or skill you can always hire someone who has this skill to work for you.


6. Building and Construction Materials: From time immemorial building and construction materials have been a lucrative business. Because we need to put a roof over our heads a necessity for that matter. With a budget, of 3000 cedis to 5000 Ghana cedis of you can conveniently start a building materials business. The good thing about this business is that you can set it up either in the urban (cities)  or rural (villages) and it will still flourish regardless.


7. Barbering Shop and Beauty Salon: Thank goodness that not all of us can keep an afro or be in the beard gang so we definitely need to have a  hair cut or fix a weave-on or have our hairs braided. A  barbering shop and beauty salon always has ready customers and if you distinguish yourself a little with some swag and brand you will never be found wanting or in need of customers. With a budget range of 3000 cedis to 5000 Ghana cedis or more, you can start a standard barbering shop or beauty salon. Whether you have barbering and hairdressing skills or not you can still set up this business all you have to do is hire skilled barbers and hairdressers and you’re good to go.

Bonus ideas
  1. Delivery Services- Food or other items
  2. Retail provisions
  3. Chop bar or Mini restaurant
  4. Fruit sales- Pineapples, Oranges, Coconuts, Strawberries, etc
  5. Graphic design- website building, posters, wedding invitations, complimentary cards, etc
  6.  Wholesale or Retail Tilapia
  7. Cleaning Services
  8.  Mobile Carwash
  9. Footware sales
  10.  Retail of home and Electric Appliances
  11. Personal Trainer
  12. Online Tutoring Services
  13. Baby sitting
  14. Blogging
  15. Youtube Blogger
  16. Mc’ ing Events
  17. Uber Driver
  18. Social media manager
  19. Barkery
  20. Mini Boutique

I hope you find this article helpful, kindly comment below any other business ideas you think can work within the budget range of 3000 cedis to 5000  Ghana cedis or more in Ghana.  



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