4 Ways to Restore and Boost Customers’ Confidence Post-COVID-19.



Do you want to restore customer confidence and boost sales? Then this article is for you.

It is no secret that the world has changed significantly as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The shopping and spending preferences of customers have been greatly altered. And generally, we can clearly define a pre-corona world and a post corona world. The pandemic protocols of social distancing require that most businesses (companies) reinvent themselves and adapt to the demands of the new normality.

Largely most businesses are digitizing their service delivery, nonetheless the use of mortar and brick offices is inevitable for some businesses.

With myraids of economic projections been made about great decline in business profitability, taking no action to boost and restore customer confidence is your service delivery is tantamount to self sabotage.

Although there is still some uncertainty about what the exact demands of customers are going to be post-covid-19, safety is sure to be at the top of that list. While the pandemic seems to serve as a boost to some industries like pharmaceuticals, insurance subscriptions, and food supplies, on the other hand, it has dealt a huge negative shock to others. Customer confidence has greatly plummeted coupled with money constraints people are less willing to go out and make an appearing at business premises than before the pandemic.

Nonetheless, all hope is not los, businesses have the opportunity to reassure their customers and boost their confidence and hopefully bring back their businesses back to life.

This article is therefore aimed at providing some tips to companies on how to restore and to boost customer confidence post-covid-19.

1. Invest in Safety Equipment and Observing Health Protocols: The most basic of all actions that a company can take in restoring customer confidence in this difficult time is one that will ensure that customers are safe. Our health and safety has never been more of a priority than now. The mode of spread of covid-19 requires that stringent safety measures be put in place and businesses are no exception. Like installing thermometers, ultraviolet, scanners, providing hand-sanitizers, hand gloves and maintaining the safety distance of two meters among others. All these may be accomplished at additional costs and it is likely to increase prices, but it is one of the surest way to boost customer confidence and encourage them to make purchases. Customers have to be assured that it’s safe for them to transact business with a company. Since there is a lot of competition out there any company that fails to take the safety protocols seriously would be doing it at their own peril.



2. Encourage Your Employees to Maintain a Positive Attitude: Ninety percent of the time it is the employees of a company that gets to interact with its customers. As a CEO or a boss, you may have a great personality, but if your employees have a rather opposite one it can be damaging to the business. To restore and boost customer confidence requires that we communicate with our employees, encourage and incentivize them to keep a positive attitude, and give a good first impression especially in this challenging time. It is no doubt that some customers can be demanding some times and even this pandemic makes matters worse because it has unprecedentedly increased transaction time. As long queues moving at slow pace is now the other of the day. So this is the time for all workers to be very patient with their customers and understand their frustration.


3. Show Empathy and Adapt Products and Services to the New Normality: Empathizing with your customers would go a long way to boost their confidence in your services especially in these challenging times. Showing empathy is a way of communicating with the customer that you care about them and their safety. One way to show empathy is by letting the customers know what necessary safety measures the company is putting in place to make sure that their health is not compromised. And how the company has adapted it’s service delivery that the customers can still get the best. For example companies like Dominos pizza are come out with tag line zero contact with your pizza and its working. These way customer confidence is restored and boosted, the business is saved and may employees get to keep their jobs.

4. Make Use of Social Media: As businesses and as people we are fortunate to be in the era of social media where we get to interact with millions of people concurrently with little or no cost. For businesses, a social media platform is a powerful tool that if used optimally can give you a competitive edge over your competitors. It provides social proof to your brand, and a place where you can be in touch with your customers and thousands of other potential customers through your posts, paid ads, and sponsored posts. Through your social media page or platform, your customers get to how the business has adjusted as a result of the pandemic which will in turn boost their confidence in your service delivery.

It is expedient that businesses communicate to their customers how their service delivery has changed and steps they’ve taken to ensure they deliver quality service to them. You dont live your customers to guess. For example, some companies who prior to the pandemic were not offering delivery services are now doing so and hence can communicate this new development to their customers via social media. One positive about using social media is that you get to receive quick feedback from your customers and to some degree understand what their actual demands are. And don’t forget to always put interactive and catchy content out there .

I hope the following tips would help you to restore and boost your customers confidence.


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