When do I live my dream?


The dream has mostly been that when things get better my family and society must benefit from my hustle but the hidden question is when?

Many people live unfulfilled life due to the fact that they never realized the right time to do what is deemed right. You may call it procrastination, but no it isn’t procrastination. Rather, it is our inability to determine that we are capable to help others regardless of whatever level we at. This inability is the venom that kills our potential to actualize our dream.

Who doesn’t want to own a house, a good job, married, in fact, live a life that he or she has ever dreamt of? Of course, everybody wants that.

But have you ever wondered if those things won’t give you the joy you seek to have instead helping others to rise and making a difference in the lives of others is really what fulfills your soul? Take that line again.

Always remember that we do not give because we have in abundance but we give because there is a need that must be met. A cent today will salvage a situation that, a dollar may not be needed tomorrow. It is, not the amount that counts, rather it is the intention with which you gave what you gave. 

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Perhaps you are comparing yourself to someone and you’re saying he was my mate, we are from the same village and he is now a CEO, he has donated six classroom blocks to our primary school, he is having his name on one of the school buses as a donation and am just a carpenter.

Hmm, someday when God blesses me I will do more than that. Who said you are not blessed? Of course, you are blessed, whatever you have it does not matter how big or small can make a difference

There is no denying that your income can not be compared to others, but have you ever thought that maybe 100 pencils for kids in that school will put big smiles on their faces than any other thing. It should not be what someone has done but it should be what you can do.

Many at times we allow our imaginations to overpower our potentials which normally result in most individuals living outside their real selves. It is not bad to admire the life of someone or try to develop your potential towards someone you look up to but the moment you begin to live the life of such a person in your physical dreams you are bound to forget your real potentials.

Always remember that in embarking on any journey there are various ways to get to your destination. You decide when to live after you realized there is a reason to live. Your ability to give when you think you are not at your maximum is the catalyst that will initiate you into a life of fulfillment.

I challenge you to start living your dream today!


I hope this article has been helpful to you, comment below what your thoughts on this topic are, and how this article resonates with you. And don’t forget to follow, like, and share it with your friends and let us all grow together.


25 thoughts on “When do I live my dream?

  1. He who speaks on his own does that to gain honor for himself,but he who works for the honor of the one who sent him is a man of truth and there is nothing false about him,it is your calling…May God bless you my ADAM,our prayers got your back.

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  2. Congratulations Philip. I enjoyed your article. Indeed a cent today will salvage a situation that, a dollar may not be needed tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Good read
    “Always remember that we do not give because we have in abundance but we give because there is a need that must be met.”
    Service to Mankind

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  4. Thanks for reminding me of who I am and when do I live my dreams?? Talking of dreams, I thought i lost mine until this your article…. great write up there. Keep it up bro🙏

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