Your failure is not final! It is an opportunity for a major come back.


In this journey of life, “failure” is inevitable. I wish I didn’t have to say that, but that is just the truth. Even the best of the best do not escape it. It is a class of life that we all have to pass through.

Some people prefer to call it a learning process which I strngly agree with, but whichever way you prefer to call it, we all someway somehow get to taste it in some shape or form. The only thing is that all your failures become legendary once you succeed.

So there is no need to be embarrassed or ashamed about failure, instead, own it and use it to your advantage. Actually, failure gives us a lot of insight, than we can imagine.

It tells us the things that don’t work and where we are supposed to focus our attention. Failure can be directional if only we let it, because inherent in every failing experience is a lesson to be learned.

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There is nothing wrong with failing, the only wrong is to give up after one failure and stop trying. As Winston Churchill said, failure is not fatal and failure is not final, its the courage to continue that counts.

Yes! It is standing from failure and moving on is what counts. As long as you never give up, as long as you remain in the game you are sure to make a change, you are sure to win.

For me and I know many others too, failure has indeed been a learning process and a humbling one for that matter.

These moments have always been a moment of a rude awakening for me. They tell me how much more work I have to put in, how drastic I have to change my strategies, it has never for once told me to give up.

See failure as a second chance to make things right, as a process of eliminating things that do not work, as part of the journey, and not the destination.

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It’s funny how people consider you a nerd and assume you cannot flunk a test. But I must say that I have had my own fair share of the student flunking a test experience, I just did not give up.

JK Rowling, the famous Harry Potter author stated and I quote “by every standard I was the biggest failure I knew”. She had a failed marriage, the book that would become very famous a couple of years later was rejected by almost all the publishers she had sent them to. Yet she did not give up, she kept on pushing and pushing, and as long as she kept on pushing she had her breakthrough.

Jack Ma the founder of Alibaba is another example, in fact, the list continues. The point is there is no success without a failing experience.

So the next time you find yourself at rock bottom and you feel like giving up just remember this article, just remember that failure is a second chance to make things right, it is the process of eliminating things that don’t work, it is part of the journey, and not the destination.

In a subsequent article, I will be talking about how to turn your failure into success, so until then stay tuned.


I hope this article has been helpful to you, comment below what your thoughts on the subject of failure are, and how this article resonates with you. And please don’t forget to follow, like, and share it with your friends and let us all grow together.

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