You were surely created for a purpose, to start, mediate(aid) or complete something. You are a meaningful part of the universe. No matter how insignificant you may consider yourself to be.

However, fulfilling your purpose is not guaranteed. Life is not automatic, we don’t get things done by pushing a button. Achieving our lives goal requires efforts, hard work, and resilience.

Nonetheless, the results may not be instant, but that’s the beauty of compounding. Hard work heaped upon hardwork coupled with resilience will produce our desired results.

 You may be considered the weakest academically, the wimp, the only one in your family without prospects. But those are just opinions of others which would not be binding if you don’t allow them to.

Be determined to never let the opinions of others become your reality. Invest and develop yourself either by reading, listening to podcasts, or watching tutorial videos. You’re surely good at something. Find that something and sharpen your skills in that area.

Could unemployment be a hindrance to achieving your dream? No, being unemployed doesn’t stop you from attaining your life’s goals and reaching your full potentials as a person.

It is only a stage in life that will surely pass. See things in the right perspective and leverage on those periods to build an unbeatable capacity in your field of interest.

Or Adversities? Adversities are inevitable in our journey of success. If they don’t come today you’re certain to encounter them tomorrow. They are springboards and bridges to cross over to our next level, not blockades.

You’re unstoppable, not the opinions of others, unemployment or adversity can stop you,  possibly nothing except yourself. You become stoppable only when you get in your own way. When you decide to throw in the towel.

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