How to bounce back after Adversity.

Resilience 2

As unwanted as they may be, adversities are inevitable. We all go through seasons in our lives, good times and bad times.

Sometimes life just hits you unexpectedly seeming as though all hell just broke loose. It  takes some years, some months, others weeks to recover, and some are not able to recover at all.

But I have great news for you. No matter how hard life hits you, you can still rise back up and keep on moving. Adversities are like bitter pills we have to swallow to get well, although bitter, they have curative powers. 

Doing the following will help you recover quickly from any crisis of life;

Be Optimistic: We may not have control over the things that happen to us in life, but we have total control over how to respond to these situations. Being positive and seeing things in perspective is key to your recovery in times of adversity. Keep your eyes on the bigger picture, and think more on how to make progress from where you are, other than wallowing in self pity. You can rise above the storm if you resolve to do so, knowing it gets darker before its gets bright.

Focus on Solutions: To every problem there’s a solution no matter how difficult you think your peculiar situation may be. Many inventions we have in the world today stemmed from people who faced adversities, but decided to find a solution to their woes. An example is John Hetrick who was inspired to invent an airbag after crashing his car while out on a Sunday drive with his wife and seven-year-old daughter in 1952. No matter your adversity, know that a solution exists and there’s always a way out. Constantly think on how you’ll progress from the rockbottom.

Cultivate Supportive relationships: The people you have around you can either speed up your recovery process or slow it down. Distance yourself from those who say ‘I told you so’. But instead surround yourself with supportive family and friends who encourage you to heal. Friends who share with you their personal stories of how they came out of their own crisis.

Live by a sense of purpose: Living with a sense of purpose helps you maintain focus in times of crisis. Channel your energy to things you’re truly passionate about and things that make you happy. And try to make a difference even at your position of disadvantage. The reason you’re still alive should be of topmost importance to you in your trying times.

Learn the Lessons: Every adversity comes with lessons to be learnt. Identify what must be learnt from your crisis and work towards not repeating your mistakes. Whether the crisis was majorly a result of your actions and decisions or from others mistakes, learn from them and move on. If handled well, you’re sure to emerge a better and more experienced person from your adversity. As stated by Benjamin Disraeli “there’s no education like adversity”.

Focus on your strengths: Adversity exposes your weakness and helps you to know what your strengths are. Leverage on your strengths for your come back, and concentrate on building greater strengths.


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