10 Qualities of Highly Successful People.

10 traits

Have you wondered what distinguished the likes of Martin Luther King Jr.,  Jeff Bezos, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffet, and Lebron James?

What qualities do all these individuals have in common that made them achieve remarkable successes in their respective fields?  There may be many attributing factors however, available behavioral research has revealed that all highly successful men and women have the below qualities in common.

The good news, therefore, is that these qualities can be replicated, and hence if anyone desires to achieve comparable or a higher level of success as these individuals it is possible.

The starting point is to cultivate the following habits.

How many of them do you already have?


1. Decisive and Focused: Highly successful people know what they want and if not at all, have an idea of how they are going to get there. They understand that to achieve their goals they must remain focused and be decisive in a world filled with so much noise(distractions). They are experts in deciphering between the relevant and the trivial which aids them to choose the right priorities.

2. Visionary: Highly successful people never lose sight of the big picture, though they may start small. They see beyond the visible and the extraordinary from the ordinary. They have unusual foresight and imagination.

3. Grateful and Content: Highly successful people are thankful for the smallest good deed than them. They are appreciative of people and time spent in their service.Thank you” is one of their most spoken or written phrases. They are also satisfied with whatever they have, be it material possessions or ideas. They know that for there to be an increase in their wealth or improvement in their lives depends majorly on them and not on anyone else.

4. Determined: They have a firm resolve to work hard towards achieving their goals and aspirations. They are given to the process and nothing is able to stop them from reaching their goals. They see obstacles as stepping stones to their next level and understand that, nothing good comes easy and there’s no glory without a story.

5. Resilient: Highly successful people adapt well in times of adversity or crisis, recover quickly, and keep on forging ahead. They’re optimists and are able to regulate their emotions in times of rejections and criticisms.

6. Affable: Highly successful people are friendly and value their relationships. They understand that for them to achieve the goals they need the assistance of others since no one is an island. They’re great team players and know the importance of teamwork, in so doing they leverage on the skills of every team member in reaching their end goal. No one gets there alone is mostly their mantra, either they voice it consciously or its inherent in their actions.

7. Continuous learners: Highly successful people never stop learning because they understand that life never stops teaching. They are voracious readers as they know that knowledge is liberating and has redemptive power. They also understand that, for them to remain relevant and on top of their game, they must learn, unlearn and relearn somethings.

8. Integrity: Highly successful People is men and women of their words. They mean what they say, and say what they mean. They don’t make vain promises and take responsibility for their actions. They have strong moral principles and live by their convictions

9. Problem Solvers: They are possibility conscious and always think in terms of solutions. For highly successful people, while others are whining and complaining of how difficult and challenging a situation is, they see it as an opportunity to make a difference and come up with a new solution.

10. Creative and Innovative: Highly successful people make sure there’s some level of originality(novelty) to their work. They may borrow ideas from others, but they surely add their own flavor to it.  They take the ordinary and make it extraordinary.  Their innovative nature always gives them an edge above others.

To be highly successful and part of the top 1% that owns about 99% percent of the world’s wealth you must have the qualities of being decisive and focused, visionary, Grateful and Content, Determined, Resilient, Affable, Continuous learning, Integrity, be a Problem solver and Innovative.

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