You’ve got great passion, but passion alone is not enough.

By Barbara Zelu


Passion is a key driving force in any venture. It is the force that fuels most entrepreneurs, activists, athletes, pioneers, small business owners and sole proprietors to achieve their goals.

However, passion alone in not enough to create a winning outcome.

Passion alone doesn’t create value, it won’t magically turn your ideas (raw materials) into fruition (finished products).

Becoming the woman or man of our dreams transcends the boundaries of passion. Passion only takes you half way to your goal, but should be complemented with action, discipline, relevant knowledge , hardwork and relentlessness .

Action : To see our passions manifest into something tangible,we’ve got to have an action plan and make sure we follow through to it. Our actions plans must have timelines to it scheduled at our on pace. Passion without action is just wishful thinking, take a step, start something even if it’s small. Every great corporation or success story started from somewhere. Although passionate about computers, there would have been no Microsoft if Bill Gates didn’t take an action. The world today is full of passionate people with many unfulfilled dreams. They had great passion but couldn’t harness it. Some were afraid to fail so they never tried in the first place. Never let fear be an inhibiting force, you’ll never know the outcome if you never tried. And there are only two outcomes when you try, its either you succeed or you learn, either way you’ve made progress.

Relevant Knowledge and Skill: Passion coupled with relevant knowledge and skills gives you a head start towards achieving your dreads. After identifying your passion, the next thing to do is acquire more knowledge in that area. Acquiring knowledge in the area you’re passionate in, will help you know deeply what you want to achieve and how you’re going to get there. Passion without a supportive relevant knowledge can be deadly.

Discipline: Our greatest challenge to overcome on the journey of success is not our family background, friends, environment or competitors. Our greatest challenge to overcome is ourselves. We’ve got to push ourselves to do what is required of us, even if there’s no motivation to do so. Disciplined enough to stay committed to our action plan. It’s not going to be pleasant always, but the end results(goal) should always keep you in motion. If it is the best athlete, talk show host, comedian, most innovative personality or whatever goal it is, the prize must be our fuel. Passion without discipline won’t make your dream happen.

Hardwork and Relentlessness: Put in all the time and effort required to turn your passion into something tangible. If it requires making sacrifices don’t hesitate to make them. Because your hardwork will surely pay off. And should you ever fall, rise up and keep moving. Never give up, no matter what, because, quitters never win, and winners never quit.

It is passion complimented with action, discipline, relevant knowledge , hardwork and relentlessness that will turn the one time great idea into a great dream come true.

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