Why having a mentor is key to your success in any field of endeavor.


As Isaac Newton stated,

If I have seen further it is because I stood on the shoulders of Giants.

While it still remains that there are no shortcuts to success, mentors may, however, be considered as the shortest routes you can take to your desired level of success. With a good mentor, you’re halfway through on your journey of success coupled with the fact that having a mentor gives you an edge over your peers.

A good mentor challenges you out of your comfort zone and keeps you on your toes. While your friends may seem to be cushioning you from hurt, a good mentor encourages you to push beyond your limits and take on new experiences.

Mentors serve as the wellspring of wisdom and if not for anything at all they help you make informed decisions. Mentors give you advice, guidance, and provide you with options. The good thing about it is that you get to make your own decisions based on what works for you. Good mentors don’t impose upon you, they only provide you with options.

Mentors help you maintain your focus. There’s no doubt the world is full of so many distractions and everything seems to demand our attention. A mentor helps you filter out the distractions and noise and then focus on the essentials.

A good mentor will always inspire you to keep improving yourself. They’ll help you understand that crawling is better than no movement.

Your mentor should be someone whose ideologies resonate with yours and their vision is in line with your vision.

Your mentors may not necessarily be close to you. You can have virtual mentors. For instance, I have Robert Kiyosaki as a mentor in the area of entrepreneurship, Oprah Winfrey for TV productions, and talk show host. For virtual mentors what you do is listen to as many of their podcasts or interviews you can find and read a significant number of books they’ve written if you cannot get all.

If you’re not having a mentor I encourage you to connect with either a virtual mentor or a mentor that you can meet with from time to time.

If you already have mentors or a mentor I encourage you to corporate with them and learn as much as you can from them.


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